The Solution

WP pills before   WP pills after

photos by: Larry Betterton
courtesy of Hope for Haiti

The medication

A highly effective medication (Albendazole) is now available at a cost of only a few cents per pill. Albendazole effectively treats this condition when taken every six months. The infectious Ascaris worm is then either passed in the person’s stool, vomited out or shamelessly makes its exit through the nose. If giving a cup of cold water deserves a reward, why not the giving of a worm pill? Click here to read more…

More than a suggestion

Sometimes the Bible says, “If you do so and so then such and such….” But Jesus gives us no choice. “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” And what better way to give to the poor than to take the worth of a “thing” and turn it into the brighter eyes and faces of perhaps thousands of children relatively free of worms! Click here to read more…