The Problem


Worms thrive in the warm climates. Unfortunately, these areas of the world are home to a significant number of impoverished persons. Their poverty is accentuated by the presence of worms, which cause the depletion of already scarce nutrients in their bodies…read more

The other face of malnutrition


The number of malnourished, overfed people in the world — a statistic that is rising rapidly — recently equaled the number of malnourished, underfed people (1.1 billion). The biggest challenge our world faces is the distribution of our resources…read more

Your “Lunch” Can Feed 5,000

The story is told of a woman who was captivated by a bright idea: if she gave up her dangerous cigarette habit, she could buy a very hot, new red car with the savings. She quit smoking, and as soon as she had accumulated enough for the down payment, she bought the car. To her delight, her monthly payments were also … read more